Server Rules

Main Server Rules


  • CraftAU Staff:
    • Minecraft: [M] (Moderator), [+M] (Global Moderator), or [+A] (Admin)
    • For a complete list of staff, visit the Discord server
  • Res/Residence: Any form of land protection that may be used on servers
  • Senior Staff: Staff members of Global Moderator, Admin, or Owner rank

Notice – Seek Clarification

If there is any rule here you don’t understand, or you’re not sure if it’s applicable, ASK. Do NOT assume. Assumptions may lead to you being banned. Asking for clarification around the rules will help you avoid that.

Notice – Rule Changes

All rules, both server-wide and game-specific, are subject to change without warning. It is your responsibility to make sure you know and understand them. Not knowing a rule is generally not accepted as an excuse for breaking it, and appeals based on this response may not be accepted.

Notice – Your Account, Your Responsibility

We do not care if your cousin, brother, sister, mum, dad, or dog was on your account and broke a rule; your account is your responsibility and you are accountable for the actions of anyone who has access to your account.

Notice – Help From CraftAU Staff

If you have any questions, ask in-game or jump on Discord.

Notice – Voting Rules & Restrictions

The use of external tools, scripts, or other vote boosting methods are prohibited. Players are not allowed to get other people to vote on their behalf or group together and bulk vote to gain multiple rewards at once. Anyone found abusing the voting system may be issued with an infraction or a ban, and in some cases, have their inventory reset.

Notice – Keep It PG

This is a family-friendly server. Swearing and inappropriate comments/conversations will not be tolerated and repeated offenses will result in a ban. We will also ask you to change your username if we believe that it is inappropriate for our server.

Notice – Exploiting Loopholes

These rules are written in good faith, and any malicious and/or deliberate exploitation of any loopholes will result in an instant ban.

Notice – Staff Requests

A staff member may ask you to do or stop doing something not specifically mentioned in these rules. You are allowed to request a reason for the request, but you must comply with any reasonable request made.

Notice – Staff Disputes

If you have a dispute with a staff member, or don’t believe that they have acted fairly, please lodge a support ticket on Discord. Senior Staff will review the situation, and their decision will be final.

CraftAU-Wide Rules

1.0 CraftAU Senior Staff

BigJazzzGlobal Mod
ElementalistGlobal Mod
NexusPandaGlobal Mod

1.1 Zero tolerance for anti-social behaviour

CraftAU is an inclusive community. There is no tolerance for harassment, bullying, or disrespect to anyone on the server including staff, other players, and guests; this also extends to Discord. This includes swearing directly at someone in-game, harassing other players because of something you do not like, or making false accusations against other players and staff. Harassment examples include swearing, insults, repeated PvP, or stalking. This also includes offensive structures which may include explicit language, inappropriate models, or symbols. It does not matter if it’s hidden underground, it’s not allowed. If you have been asked to leave a residence/factory, and you don’t leave in a timely manner it will be considered harassment.

1.2 Don’t cheat or use unfair advantages

If you are caught cheating or using unfair advantages you will be instantly banned and have a slim chance of appealing the decision.

Do not attempt to test any cheats that you think might work. If you believe you know of a cheat, alert the staff and we will investigate. By testing the method yourself you are placing yourself at risk of an instant ban and will need to go through the appeals process. Whilst we appreciate that you may want to help find the bugs, we don’t want to have to judge whether or not a player is telling the truth when they claim they were going to report an issue.

1.3 Zero advertisement tolerance

We will not accept any form of advertising in-game for things unrelated to CraftAU. This includes, but is not limited to, advertising other servers, websites, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, or other similar things. You may, however, advertise things within the game (for example, you can tell others about your shop or residence).

1.4 No spamming, repeated messages, or CAPS lock

This includes pestering staff or other players.

Server Specific Rules:

Minecraft Server Rules

2.0 Minecraft Staff

BigJazzzGlobal Mod
ElementalistGlobal Mod
NexusPandaGlobal Mod

2.1 Notice – Feed the Beast and its environment

Feed the Beast is a Mod pack full of many mods, which means there are plenty of bugs. This sometimes results in items being lost, banned, removed from the server, disappearing, chunks becoming corrupted, and more. That’s the risk you’re taking when choosing to play with a “kitchen sink” modpack. The staff are busy, items are not logged, and we have no proof showing what items you had. If you lose items, your chunk is corrupted, or something similar, we generally won’t help you.

2.2 Notice – Four Strike Warning System

We have a four strike system regarding laggy setups:

  • First warning: We will point out that your setup is causing lag, and you will be given an opportunity to fix the problem yourself. We are more than happy to provide advice on how to lessen the impact on the server. Note: If you aren’t online, we may move to the second warning immediately. This is at our sole discretion
  • Second warning: Your items will be removed and returned to you
  • Third warning: Your items will be destroyed
  • Fourth warning: You will receive a 48 hour ban
  • Any further non-compliance will result in a longer ban, which may or may not become permanent

This includes dropped items, either through mining, mobs, or inefficient setups. Setups that require items to be dropped (e.g. Botania) are exempt as long as the drops are kept to a reasonable number.

2.3 Don’t cheat

We’re not stupid, we can see when you are hitting a player from 30 blocks away. Cheating also includes building a machine or waterfall to prevent your player from going AFK. We can also use various tools we have within our server to detect and block certain cheats including Xray, fly, no fall, and more.

2.4 PvP Restrictions

None of our servers are currently PvP-based. While we do permit PvP we have some restrictions:

  • PvP in any of the worlds is only allowed if all players involved permit it
  • Graves are enabled. Do not break another player’s grave unless they are obstructing player bases or essential resources. All reasonable efforts should be made to return the items to their owner if breaking the grave is necessary (ask for staff help to return them if required)
  • Camping is prohibited. This includes world spawns, player residences, death sites, etc

2.5 No Use Of Banned Items

If an item is on the banned or restricted list and you do not have explicit permission from Senior Staff to use/craft/place/interact with the item, you could be banned for breaking this rule if caught with the item. The current list of banned items is found here.

2.6 Griefing & Stealing

We don’t allow griefing or stealing anywhere in the Overworld. You may steal from a non-residence within the Nether and the End, however you may not grief these worlds (i.e destroying blocks for the sake of destruction, revenge or otherwise). You may NOT grief or steal within a residence in any world, even if you have trusted permissions within the residence

Stealing the fruits of someone else’s labour is also not allowed. E.g. Taking the items dropped after a dragon fight.

2.7 Claims & Residences

While we encourage you to protect your area in the wilderness and Nether by claiming it, please keep in mind that you are not permitted to make a claim in any other realm, inlcuding the Deep Dark, End, or Runic Dungeons.

Under no circumstances will we remove a claim from an area, no matter how much you bug us regarding it. Consideration might be given to cases of a permanent ban, but this is at the discretion of the senior staff, and repeated bugging after we’ve said no may result in a ban.

Building in any dimension other than Overworld is not recommended. We may reset these dimensions at any time, without warning, and no refund will be made for any lost items.

2.8 Machine & Factory Guidelines

Below are some guidelines on building factories. Please keep in mind that as they are guidelines, we may use our discretion and ask you to alter your build even if it complies with them.

  • 2.8.1 Try to limit setups that may cause lag
    • Timers are not allowed that are configured for under 3 seconds
    • Do not create massive setups that will cause issues on the server. This is a hard one to judge, so we suggest you ask a moderator for assistance. Generally try to avoid BuildCraft pipes (Cobble Pipes, Stone Pipes, etc) as they drop their items on the floor if the destination (chest, etc) is full. We suggest you use Ender IO Item Conduits
    • EnderIO Farming Stations are limited to 5 per base
    • Quarries are limited to 1 per player (2 for Supporters) to help limit stress on the server. Players with more than this limit may be punished
    • Mobs must be kept at manageable levels, especially in one chunk. Staff reserve the right to cull mob numbers if they’re impacting the performance of the server
  • 2.8.2 Limit blockbreakers, transposers and retrievers
    • Limit the number of blocks that are used to transport items. Examples include filters, transposers, blockbreakers, retrievers and pipes; these are major causes of problems on many servers
    • Limit the number of machines as much as possible. There are some exceptions to this rule, with things such as ME Interfaces/Molecular Assemblers, Industrial Apiaries, etc
    • Quarries that mine actual blocks must be used in the appropriate dimension, if provided. Usage of quarries in the Overworld/Nether/End/etc when there is a dimension available is not allowed
  • 2.8.3 Team Disputes
    • If you have teamed up with another player and you are parting ways, divide the items by the number of people in the team. I.e. for a team of 2, each member gets 50% of the factory’s contents
  • 2.8.4 Spawners
    • Spawners are considered machines. They must be turned off when you’re not using them, and also fitted with a kill switch. Only place spawners you need, and try to limit your setup as much as possible
    • If Cursed Earth is available, Cursed Earth spawners are to be limited to a 7×7 area; you are allowed 1 spawner, regardless of size
    • All other spawners (vanilla, MFR, EnderIO, etc) must be limited to a maximum of 2 turned on/active at any time
    • You are not allowed to chunk load any mob spawner
    • Any spawners discovered without a kill switch will be removed immediately and not returned, and you will be given a warning. Should you be caught again, it will be an instant ban. If you’re not sure about your setup, please ask one of the staff members to assist you