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New Site

Welcome to our new site! Whether you’re a current player, returning after a hiatus, or new to CraftAU, please visit the sign up page to create your account. You can also link your account to Discord; this will ensure that your rank moves over automatically if you upgrade.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the staff on Discord. 😀

Server Downtime – 25/08 AM to 26/08 PM

Hey everyone

Please note that the physical server is going to be offline for maintenance; this means all game servers will be shut down.

Estimated downtime schedule:
Starts: Friday 25th Aug 2023, 5AM AEST
Ends: Saturday 26th Aug 2023, 5PM AEST

Please plan ahead for any in-game activities.

Thanks for your understanding.

StaTech Industries – Now Open!

We have just released another modpack for your enjoyment: StaTech Industries! Download it today through the CurseForge loader.

Statech Industries is a tech-focused modpack with quest progression, with the ultimate goal of total automation. There is also a side-dish of magic, to provide some useful items.

As of posting, we are running version 1.1.5 hotfix. Please check the sidebar or the ❗server_versions for the most up-to-date version.

Updated rank names

For the first time in CraftAU’s history, the rank names have been changed!

The ranks are being updated as follows:

Old title

New Title

Member Gold
Member+ Gold+
Donator Diamond
Emerald (No change)
Supporter Elementium

Rules Update

Please be advised there are some updates to the rules:

    • Updated numbering of the Minecraft rules section
    • 2.8.1 has the added text: Mobs must be kept at manageable levels, especially in one chunk. Staff reserve the right to cull mob numbers if they’re impacting the performance of the server
    • 2.8.2 has the added text: Quarries that mine actual blocks must be used in the appropriate dimension, if provided. Usage of quarries in the Overworld/Nether/End/etc when there is a dimension available is not allowed
    • Staff Requests Notice added: A staff member may ask you to do or stop doing something not specifically mentioned in these rules. You are allowed to request a reason for the request, but you must comply with any reasonable request made.
    • Staff Disputes Notice added: If you have a dispute with a staff member, or don’t believe that they have acted fairly, please lodge a support ticket on Discord. Senior Staff will review the situation, and their decision will be final.


We’re currently running a giveaway promotion in the #giveaways channel. Go and enter for the chance to win an upgrade to one of our paid subscriptions.

Any questions, please reach out to staff.

Updated Server Addresses

Hey all

If you check the sidebar or the #❗️-server-versions channel in Discord, you’ll notice that the connection addresses have changed. If you’re already connecting with the old addresses you don’t need to do anything. Going forward all servers will be hosted on the https://craftau.au domain.