Staff Code of Conduct


IMPORTANT: Being a member of staff is completely voluntary. If you feel like you can’t do the role justice do not hesitate to message the senior staff and inform them. They’ll talk with you and determine what the best course of action will be.

IMPORTANT: If you need to take an extended leave of absence (generally greater than two continuous weeks), please make a post in the relevant staff Discord channel. If you are able to provide an approximate return date this would be greatly appreciated, however we understand that life happens, and this may not always be possible. This is just so we know who is around, and also so we don’t start worrying if we haven’t heard from you for a while.

CraftAU staff help moderate community members and their actions on our Discord and game servers. You are required to complete support request tickets, represent the server in a professional manner, and manage players and their actions. This includes taking control of griefing events, spamming, harassment, and general breaches of the server rules. Moderators are strongly encouraged to engage with the community on the Discord server. You are also in charge of ensuring new and current players are able to be assisted. If you need to return items to a player (even if you have the ability to do it directly), check with the Admin team first.

With regards to griefing, we generally won’t roll back any griefing. The offending player must be banned, and all items returned. If the items have been lost and the area wasn’t protected, we will not spawn the items in. However, if a protection was bypassed, a member of the Admin team will assess the situation and provide assistance.

The current senior staff are:

BigJazzzGlobal Mod
ElementalistGlobal Mod
NexusPandaGlobal Mod

As you are representing the server, we expect you to always act in a professional manner, follow the server rules, and treat all players equally. It is a privilege to be a member of staff, and a breach of the rules or abuse of your power may result in a demotion.



CraftAU Hierarchy

To better understand how the CraftAU staff structure works, below is the hierarchy with reporting lines.

ServerRankReports To


Warning/Banning A Player

IMPORTANT: The specific details of how to perform a temp ban/permaban on each server are listed under the relevant Moderator Guide.

IMPORTANT: A post must be made for each interaction, in case another staff member needs to handle the appeal, or there is a complaint made about how a situation was handled.

Warning or temp banning a player is preferred in almost all situations to permabanning, however there may be times when a permaban is the better course of action. Use your judgement, though if you’re unsure reach out to the Admin team. If a player has received three warnings, then a ban (temp or perm) is the next step, though the Admin team may make a different determination.

Banning a player is at your discretion, however you must be able to provide proof of the offending behaviour, and preferably have provided them a warning before you ban them. If it’s difficult to obtain proof, or it’s all circumstantial, feel free to contact a senior staff member for assistance. An exception will be made for temp bans, however a note must still be made in Discord detailing the reason why, and adding the appropriate tag.

The current warning and banning process involves checking the #⚠️warn-ban-notes Discord channel for an open post about the player:

  • If a post doesn’t exist, create a new one with the title the username of the offending player. Make a note of the action taken and reason, include any evidence gathered, and tag accordingly
  • If a post does exist, make a comment with the actions you took, why, include evidence, and add the relevant tag to the post.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not remove any tags on the post.