Rules Update

Please be advised there are some updates to the rules:

    • Updated numbering of the Minecraft rules section
    • 2.8.1 has the added text: Mobs must be kept at manageable levels, especially in one chunk. Staff reserve the right to cull mob numbers if they’re impacting the performance of the server
    • 2.8.2 has the added text: Quarries that mine actual blocks must be used in the appropriate dimension, if provided. Usage of quarries in the Overworld/Nether/End/etc when there is a dimension available is not allowed
    • Staff Requests Notice added: A staff member may ask you to do or stop doing something not specifically mentioned in these rules. You are allowed to request a reason for the request, but you must comply with any reasonable request made.
    • Staff Disputes Notice added: If you have a dispute with a staff member, or don’t believe that they have acted fairly, please lodge a support ticket on Discord. Senior Staff will review the situation, and their decision will be final.